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Coex Digital Media (XPACE)

Xplore New Possibilities

Average of 1,200,000 visitors per month
Seoul’s largest and Korea’s busiest convention center


  • Big Bridge

    Big Bridge channel is a 12m-long media screen with a built-in super-cardoid speaker located in front of Hall A, the exhibition hall with the most visitor traffic throughout the year.

  • Bridge

    Bridge channel is a wide screen located on the 3rd floor, overlooking various exhibition halls, and is an effective space to promote events and conferences.

  • Edge Column

    Edge Column channel is a three-sided screen pillars with built-in speakers, optimal for dramatic advertisement exposure. There are 6 pillars in total.

  • Floor

    Floor channel is a DIY media screen that can be customized to create a photo booth and other practical promotion activities.


Category Big Bridge Edge Colume Bridge Floor
Length 15-30 seconds per advertisement
Times Played 100 times per day
Period One week
Screen 2 6 5 1
Location Hall A Lobby Hall A-B Passage 2nd-3rd Floor Railing Hall A1 Lobby
Size 6.4m *11.2m Front (2 sides) 1.92m * 4.32m
Back (1 side) 2.24m * 4.00m
6.7m*2.9m 4.2m*2.4m
Pixel 1,600px * 2,800px 전면 1,920px * 2,160px<
후면 560px * 1,000px
1,680px * 720px 3,840px * 2,160px
Sound Available Available Not Available Not Available


Category Big Bridge Edge Column Bridge Floor
15 seconds 3,000,000 KRW/week 4,000,000 KRW/week 2,500,000 KRW/week Offered additionally
when advertising on Big Bridge
Category Y PACKAGE_Long Media PAckage
(Big Bridge + Edge column)
X PACKAGE_Wide Media Package
(Bridge + Floor)
15 seconds 5,000,000 KRW/week 2,500,000 KRW/week

Participation Guidelines

  • STEP1 Download, complete and submit the XPACE application form
  • STEP2 receive an invoice and make a payment for the advertisement
  • STEP3 Receive the specifications and guide to make the advertisement
  • STEP4 Send the advertisement file to Coex at least one week before the advertisement period
  • STEP5 Advertise throughout the period as noted on the application