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    About EV Trend Korea

    EV Trend Korea 2023

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    Show Overview

    New lifestyle begins with EV

    New lifestyle begins with EV

    How will lives be changed after the pandemic and what will be the new normal in this paradigm shift? EV TREND KOREA is the only electric vehicle expo in Seoul that aims to contribute to social transformation by taking the lead in the use of eco-friendly electric vehicles, progressively expanding electric vehicle distribution, forming new electric vehicle cultures and improving user inconvenience. Discover the latest industry trends and brands this March at EV TREND KOREA, taking place at Coex, Seoul, Korea.
    Show Overview




    150 exhibitors, 450 booths


    Hall C, Coex, Seoul, Korea


    Coex, Korea Battery Industry Association


    03.15 (Wed) - 17 (Fri), 2023

    Exhibit Items
    • E-Mobility

      Electric Vehicle, Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle, Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, Electric Bus, etc.

    • Battery/ECU/EV Motor

      Battery Module, Battery Pack, BMS, OBC, Motor Drive Mechanism, ISG Motor, Regenerative Braking System, Decelerator, etc.

    • Charge Equipment

      Standard Charger, Quick Charger, Inductive Charging, Home Charger, portable Charger, etc.

    • Thermal management

      Heat Pump System, PTC Heater, Powertrain Thermal Management Technology, Battery Thermal Management Integrated Control System, etc.

    • Related Items

      Eco-materials, Tires, Care Products, Fuel Saving Machine, Smoke Reduction System, etc.

    • R&D, Testing

      Related certification and production facility measurement equipment, R&D research institution, etc.

    • Policy Promotion

      Green New Deal and Carbon Neutral 2050 Policy of the Ministry of Environment, Charging Infrastructure Project, etc.